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    Best Android Apps 2016 For Cleaning Your Smartphone or tablet to Maximize Its Performance

    Best Android Apps 2016 For Cleaning Your Smartphone or tablet to Maximize Its Performance
    Best Android Apps 2016 For Cleaning Your Smartphone or tablet to Maximize Its Performance

    To be honest with you, I myself have sometimes been faced with memory problems and I thought it was necessary to remove one or more applications to fix things, but I was wrong. If only I had thought of installing a virtual cleaner, I might be able to save some time on my Android device. Finally, the total rewrite of this article allows me to learn - the same time as you - what applications are necessary for the survival of sufficient storage space in an Android device. If you do not know, a cluttered memory is never a good thing and can cause slowdowns on Android. Clearly, it's a bit like a human who may vomit when he ate too much. For you to understand things.

    CCleaner - simplicity above all else

    After a few hours of testing, the simplest file cleaner that I found was that of Piriform. Already available on PC where it is emulated, CCleaner perfectly fulfills its task. First, the first launch, the application will offer you to perform a scan of your device to eliminate any excess data. Among them, you can clean the cache applications, historic your web browser, files and folders it considers too with a list, other data in the cache, the process calls and newspaper. That said, you are not forced to clean up and you can limit the cleaning historical particular.

    Apart from its role as cleaner CCleaner can also take the role of a manager of more advanced applications than that proposed by default in Android. In the third tab, it includes system information such as the version of the system, since the time it is turned on, status of the root, WiFi, mobile network, RAM, internal storage space, the battery (in% level and temperature) and the processor.

    From the settings, you can even customize what the application is entitled to analyze, but also install a quick clean widget on the home screen or create a selection of files and additional folders to clean. Clearly, this app wants to be very thorough and mainly free.

    Avira Android Optimizer - the lightning fast

    After careful consideration, we simply decided to withdraw Clean Master of the list, which had no place in the best cleaners on Android. So, we replaced by two applications, the first is none other than Avira Android Optimizer, with its flat design in tune with the times and a perfect fluidity.

    When you first open the app, it will analyze the data stored directly in the smartphone, to tell you what makes the memory too. From there, it will be able to offer you a cleaning. By clicking on one of the sections of the list, you can access all the options it as tabs: Memory cleaned, Manage applications, optimize storage and clean private data.

    In the sector, Avira Android Optimizer is probably the lightest and simplest app I've tested (for now). Anyway, I can only advise that application. She is free on the Play Store:

    360 Security - the beauty and regularity

    Today we will not talk about his 360 Security for antivirus, but to his memory optimizer. In addition to being able to ventilate and clean the memory of your Android, 360 Security is also able to control the automatic startup of all applications, without obligation to the holder of the super-user rights (root).

    Heavier than its competitor Avira Android Optimizer, 360 Security does remains a very fluid application to use. Side interface, it is rather well designed and lead by example in adopting the Material Design Lollipop. A good idea, seeing that too many applications have not yet been able to evolve by staying on KitKat base.

    SD Maid - the must-have

    In this area, the best of the best applications for Android is clean your SD Maid. Available in two versions, you are much to swear by it. In its free version, SD Maid is able to search the unused data, cleanse the system and the database of your Android. That said, the Pro version is more consistent by proposing a cleaner applications and duplicate files detector.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of the interface with a material design very discreet. In addition, the parameter list is quite long and can be customized on the fly: display or not some sections, but also modifiers, thanks to a specially designed menu settings for each of them. An unpretentious application that deserves to be better known and offers a Pro version to 2.40 euros.

    DiskUsage - the application that has eyes everywhere

    This application is somewhat different from previous, but it will still be an indirect role in your memory: DiskUsage grants the ability to view all files and documents that are taking up memory space on your Android, a pretty visually for quickly understanding what is too much.

    Instead of proposing a list of forgettable applications, we prefer to restrict our choices more efficient. Again, I maintain my position that I believe CCleaner better finished at any point, even if Clean Master is a worthy alternative that offers a broader range of features, but too many advertisements.

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