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    AMD virtual reality headset Sulon Q and Western Digital USB 314GB HDD for Raspberry Pi

    AMD virtual reality headset Sulon Q and Western Digital USB 314GB HDD for Raspberry Pi
    AMD virtual reality headset Sulon Q and Western Digital USB 314GB HDD for Raspberry Pi

    AMD has been involved in virtual reality with various technologies designed to optimize the experience, including Liquid RVs, but no one was interested not really the hardware. This is no longer the case since the firm announced today at GDC being held right now in San Francisco on Sulon Q, in partnership with the Canadian startups Sulon.

    The subject is interesting for several reasons, the first is to be an "independent" helmet, that is to say, he will not need a computer to function, unlike the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In this sense, it is closer to Microsoft Hololens, especially as the Sulon Q is able to offer augmented reality in addition to virtual reality.

    AMD requires is obviously an APU brand found in the helmet: the AMD FX-8800P and eight cores supported by a graphical part Radeon R7. Sulon initially spoke of graphics "worthy of a console", but the word has since been removed, probably to not disappoint. It must still manage an OLED display 2560 x 1440 90Hz, which is not necessarily an easy task if we want to see as much detail.

    The machine will run Windows 10 and therefore the API Direct X12 and Vulkan, which is a good sign. The Sulon happen Q "at the end of Spring" for an undetermined price, but it will not a priori given. It is interesting to note that AMD does not give details on the autonomy of the object, yet a crucial point for this independent accessory.

    Western Digital, USB HDD 314 GB for Raspberry Pi

    Across the Atlantic, the number Pi is celebrated on March 14, Western Digital, current leader in the hard drive market took advantage of this day to unveil a disc specifically designed for nano-computer Raspberry Pi. Its price, its storage capacity and even the discount offered are modeled on the constant 3.14.

    The PiDrive is a variant of the series "Blue" 2.5-inch (7 mm height) and 500 GB Western Digital. This was reviewed in depth to optimize the power consumption, making it compatible with a single USB port and without impacting performance. The storage capacity has also been modified to reach 314 GB. Finally, Pi Drive comes with a modified version of BerryBoot that manages multiple operating systems.

    The latter is not yet marketed in France but it is proposed in the US and in several European countries and costs 45.81 dollars with a discount of 31.4% for a total of 31.42 dollars.

    Edge: An Overview of extensions on an official page

    The extensions are for Edge program was already official, but it becomes more and more concrete. Yesterday showed a screenshot of an extension in the Windows Store and today it is an official page that tells us more about the future capabilities of the new Microsoft browser.

    The page appeared on the site dedicated to Microsoft developers and indicates that extensions for Edge are available now. The page is actually in preparation because some information is not indicated as in the description that indicates the version number of Windows 10 that will benefit "Customize and adds functionality to Microsoft Edge with extensions Since the build. Windows 10 XXX Insider Preview a selection of extensions available for Edge ".

    In the text the build number is complete but we already have an idea of ​​what will be offered. Three extensions are presented on the page is now offline but accessible by archive.org site cache: Microsoft Translator (translator), Mouse Gestures (navigation with mouse movements), Reddit Enhancement Suite (for the Reddit community site).

    Further down we discover how the extensions will be installed during the test phase. After downloading the user runs the file and chooses to open through the entry "Extensions" to load the extension and assign a folder. After the test phase the extensions should be available directly in the Windows Store with a simplified installation.

    One can also see on the page will be placed in the browser extensions. A bar placed at the top of the side window of options should show the icons, just above the entries to open a new window.

    The test program extensions for Edge therefore begin as soon as a consistent build will be available to testers who participate in the Insider program. Microsoft could enjoy the Build conference at the end of the month to formally introduce the functionality and start testing.

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