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    How to Customize Microsoft Lumia 650 with your personal image

    How to Customize Microsoft Lumia 650 with your personal image
    How to Customize Microsoft Lumia 650 with your personal image

    To change the background of the home screen, go to all parameters (after making up the center of notifications, sweeping the top to the bottom screen). Then press personalization, then welcome. In the background, choose browse: you can then select the photo you want.

    Now select the style of your screen: full screen or mosaic. A slider also lets you adjust the transparency of thumbnails. You can then choose the colors return to the customization menu, and select colors. There you will have the choice between the dark and light patterns. Finally, you can choose an accent color to give your background and your live tiles.

    Live tiles: organize your apps

    To not lose time searching for your favorite apps, you can easily organize them. It is possible to move and resize live tiles to your home screen, or "pinning" some applications. To move a thumbnail, touch and hold, then drag. To resize, press again on length and select the small arrow in the bottom right corner. To view an application on your home screen, you will need the pin: in the list of applications (swipe from right to left), press and hold the desired one and choose to pin the start screen. The principle is the same for unpin a live tile: you have to press it and then click the pushpin icon.
    Note that you can also pin contacts. Convenient to join soon in person or in writing!

    Improve your interface with folders

    To optimize the space of your home screen, you can create folders and move your applications. Just long press on a thumbnail and drag it over another. For the "out" folder, press it again and slide it upwards. If you want to delete a folder, you will have to "unpin" all thumbnails. Your records, you can also change the size of your thumbnail, move and organize them as you please.

    Personalize your lock screen

    For even faster access to certain information without having to unlock your Lumia 650, go to personalization then lock screen. Here you will have access to notifications from Facebook, Outlook calendar, weather, Outlook mail, or missed calls. To select an application displaying a "detailed statement" on the lock screen, select the app of your choice under choose an application to view detailed status.

    Contrast, brightness: save the battery to extend the battery life of your Lumia 650, in case you absolutely need your phone all evening for example, you can use a dark background theme. See you in all parameters, options for ergonomics and high contrast. This option allows you to change colors. Once it activated, your home screen then switch to black and white and in all your applications, black predominate.

    You can also reduce the brightness of the screen: go in all settings, system display, then lower the brightness level. Do not forget to adjust the screen of extinction - after 30 seconds instead of a minute - in personalization, lock screen.

    Customize your sound and your ringtone

    To model ever your Lumia 650 to your image, it is also possible to change the tone and the phone sounds, depending on your mood. See you in all settings, personalization, and sounds. Select a ringtone from the fifty pre-installed or, better yet, install your own. You can find it in the Windows Store, conducting research ringtones.

    If you want to use as your ringtone a piece of music that you particularly like, the Creator install ringtones app: it allows you to choose a song from those stored on your device and turn it into a ringtone. You can then use, from the customization menu sounds.

    Equalizer for loudspeakers: enrich your audio experience

    To adjust the sound quality of the Lumia 650 to your ear, go in all parameters, bonus, and equalizer. Here you will have access to many presets including the acoustic modes, treble amplification, Bass Boost, classical, dance, hip hop, jazz or rock.

    You can also choose to customize the way and accentuate yourself serious ear. Note, however, that it is impossible to adjust the tone of the music by listening to FM radio, and when a Bluetooth audio device is paired.

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