• Saturday, March 5, 2016

    My first day with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    My first day with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
    My first day with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    During the MWC 2016, I had the opportunity to use the new Samsung dual-edge. But it is always difficult at an event to see all the little details provided by the manufacturer over the phone. Our time is pressed and the conditions are more optimal to test everything we wanted.

    So when I was given the S7 edge yesterday in the morning, my first impressions of the device began to emerge. And the first surprise I found was related accessories that are supplied in the box. I must admit that this time Samsung really surprised me. Did you know that in each particular case the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge USB adapter was provided?

    In general also, its design is simply very successful and its size is perfect for me, including when storing in your pocket.

    After the output S7 edge of the box, I had the pleasure of removing all the plastic protecting the device and finally take over the phone. This first phase is always a pleasure. I'm a fan of compact phones (and screens including 5 inches) but the 5.5-inch edge of the S7 absolutely not bother me. The footprint is minimal, which proves that Samsung has managed to do a nice job.

    The first phase of the past start, then I transferred all my contacts and all my applications. All without any problems. Within minutes, my applications and data were recorded. And this time, I had no storage problem thanks to my microSD card of 128 GB.

    I have not had time to insert into my virtual reality helmet Gear VR I received during the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Sunday, February 21. But I will most likely this weekend because the quality of the screen lends itself necessarily, as my curiosity.

    Finally, the only thing that bothered me was the edge of the S7 functionality Always On. I am in fact not used to seeing the screen of my smartphone on constantly and I was disturbed. It reminds me of the clock of my grandmother who always shone at night and enpêchait me to sleep when I was little. Ambient Display, similar functionality available on Motorola, seems better at first.

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