• Friday, March 11, 2016

    Google Nexus a 3 year partnership signed with HTC

    Google Nexus a 3 year partnership signed with HTC
    Google Nexus a 3 year partnership signed with HTC

    After trust in 2015 to LG and Huawei, the next Nexus smartphone from Google could be produced by HTC. The partnership between the two groups would go even further. According to several Asian media, Google has concluded an exclusive agreement with HTC to produce for a period of three years, the next Nexus smartphone. This agreement does not concern the future tablets of US society.
    If this proves to be true, it's a real bargain for the Taiwanese manufacturer that is in difficulty for several years on the smartphone market. The latter has recorded a disastrous last quarter 2015 with 103 million euros in losses, against 13.88 million euro profit a year earlier.
    This information has not yet been confirmed in any way and this should not to be elsewhere for several months because the next Nexus smartphone generations are not expected before October.

    According to AnTuTu, the Snapdragon 820 is the most powerful processor in the market

    The famous AnTuTu Benchmark tool has updated its ranking of the fastest processors. An update necessary since with the announcement of the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 The Snapdragon 820 can finally be tested officially and thus be tested. The latest Samsung device also adds the Exynos 8890 ranking which will be included in some versions of the smartphone, including that sold in France.
    As can be noted is the latest Qualcomm chip that is necessary in top spot, a short head in front of the Apple A9 integrated into the iPhone 6S followed by Exynos 8890 to the third. It notes, however, that the three processors reach quite close scores, all three around 130 000 points. Suffice to say that these differences can not be felt with use.
    It's a little different for the performance of the graphics with a sharp advance to the Snapdragon 820 and 55 000 and the other two are neck and neck around 38 000. The current games will run smoothly without doubt on three, it is not impossible that the differences are felt in the future, with the most demanding games.

    Windows 10: An application to unlock the PC with mobile

    There are several ways to open the session when using a computer running Windows 10. This ranges from simple password to the PIN through the picture password or other means introduced with Windows Hello. An application may propose another method.
    On the Windows Store a member of Twitter under the name WalkingCat, noticed the presence of the application Phone Sign-in. According to the description it would unlock a computer, ie to pass the login screen that opens a user session, through a smartphone application.
    The operation is quite simple, you need to pair the mobile first and PC or through Bluetooth. Afterwards login is done simply by touching the computer in the list within the application.
    Still in beta application seems to be destined for the moment in-house testing. According to Neowin site that relays the information, a mobile version of Windows 10 Preview 14267 in its latest version is required to install the application. In addition it would only work with certain business accounts.
    The record, however, that future versions will support Microsoft accounts, a solution for VPN and browsers, and authentication in two steps. Nothing now says if the application in question will be paid Android or iOS in the future.
    Microsoft could then add an alternative or additional security on computers that offer only traditional or Windows Hello. This allows already when the required equipment team PC, authentication iris recognition or fingerprint.

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