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    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 and One Drive New Features and Spotify WP8 Support

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 and One Drive New Features and Spotify WP8 Support
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 and One Drive New Features and Spotify WP8 Support

    Onedrive: file sharing system evolves

    Microsoft looked at the habits of users of its storage service and online file sharing onedrive. Noting that the sharing function was not the point the publisher has taken some steps to improve the system.

    In a blog post the head of the team said onedrive a click on "Share" previously proposed two options: invite someone or get a sharing link. It is this last option that was selected most of the time but created at the same time of confusion in the permissions options that users had to select. In the end the options were little used and created many broken links.

    Today the function evolves. From the first click on the share button Microsoft service offers the two most popular options: get a link, by default allowed to see the content is accessed, or share by email. When the user chooses to share the link of other options are available and allow users to share directly to social networks Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Before making this change the team tested the novelty of some 28,000 users of its service. The results are-there seems to appointment as the new way of presenting the options has been more successful and helped to succeed more shares. New options are available today.

    Samsung quietly formalizes its Galaxy Tab A, Version 2016

    The Galaxy Tab A is the input / midrange Korean is an unpretentious tablet that will not make you dream with its specifications. Regarding the design, it does not change the tablet Galaxy A line is far from the line A Galaxy smartphone that tends towards the premium.

    It has a 7-inch IPS LCD screen with a well feeble resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, a quad core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz supported by 1.5 GB of RAM that will make the job for common tasks and 8GB of internal memory, expandable with micro SD. picture side, there is the back a 5 megapixel sensor and a 2 megapixel camera on the front for video. Finally, it has a 4000 mAh battery, runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and measure 8.4 mm thick 283g.

    The Galaxy Tab A (2016) as the update is already available from some dealers to the floor price of € 169.

    In fact, Spotify does not stop support for Windows Phone 8, the new mobile W10

    It is through a comment on the site WishAppList (which allows Windows Phone users to request apps or updates) as Spotify announced - quietly - the end of the support of its application for Windows Phone 8.x . Clearly, the streaming service will no longer offer updates for its application on Microsoft's mobile OS.

    Not exactly now that Windows 10 was launched, but unfortunately things are not very well under either. The company gives no details as to the possible arrival of universal application, has merely a "we will notify you when there's new." Not exactly a good sign.

    Fortunately, the current application does not stop working, it works also on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile. It would however not update. Surprising announcement of the firm, down from competition since Deezer just announced the release of its universal application in early March.

    Updated at 15h: Following our article, press service Spotify France contacted us to give us some important clarification:

    "In order to clarify the latest information about the Windows Phone experience, we will continue to bear the experience of Windows Phone 8.1 and we are currently working to improve our support for Windows 10 through our next release will be 5.2 day available tomorrow.”

    Ie somewhat the opposite of what one could read on WishAppList. Good for users of Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10.

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