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    The best launchers For Android 2016

    The best launchers For Android 2016
    The best launchers For Android 2016

    Top launchers apps for android Arrow Launcher: mostly in 3 pages

    Who said that Microsoft did not like Android? By launching a launcher in the mobile OS from Google, the Redmond Company reconfirms its interest in Android smartphones. Arrow launcher is a clear and clean alternative application that brings a new dimension into your mobile facilitating your use.

    Thus, the launcher consists of three host panels dedicated to a category dedicated to each of them. To the left, it is possible to find the frequent contacts. In the middle are the apps. Then, to the right is the last page dedicated to creating notes and reminders. Finally, note that you can pin or four favorite apps you use the most bottom of the screen to access it at any time. Beyond this, Microsoft has thought of everything by bringing Skype, which is then able to replace Android's default application for playing the role of call composer or choose Bing as a search engine.

    Hexy Launcher: all your favorite apps on the same screen 3d launchers for android

    Developed by the creators of Switfey, this alternative application launcher is intended rather simple, but fairly effective, if not revolutionary. In addition to its keyboard that puts the Switfey slipped to honor Hexy Launcher has the characteristic to display all your applications on a single screen. A must for agile!

    How is this possible? How do I navigate? To be honest, it's simple: it is a map like Google Maps, simply. Applications are classified so as to be arranged by type and on the boxes of the same color, with their center in the famous classic options that are Calls, Messages, etc.

    Alas, Hexy Launcher does not offer settings or themes. As for the origin of the application, it is born of an event which was organized by the publisher Swiftkey itself. To return to the heart of the matter, it is possible to add widgets that you want, in addition to resize and position them at will.

    Smart Launcher 3: the most intelligent of all launchers for android 2016

    Currently, the launcher of Quentin's Smart Launcher 3. For him, his strength is in its locking shortcuts that, when combined with a pack of clear and precise icons, can greatly improve your user experience. In addition, this alternative application to the default Android is "ultra" fluid, he said.

    After, we also love the way is arranged vertically dock - which can be positioned right, practice on major smartphones for lefties, including - but once past adaptation time, it becomes truly great with gestures that might have customized other nice things. About these gestures, you can run any application from the home page by making a personal touch.

    Apus: fluidity and energy saving new launchers for android 2016

    Rather standard, Apus launcher is an alternative Android application that removes the drawer of your apps to teleport all over the office, like MIUI and iOS in particular. If you come in to adopt, it is highly recommended you download the extension Apus Notification that extends the functionality to a whole new level. With the famous plugin you will be able to enjoy the famous "notification numbers on applications" with calls, SMS / MMS, emails and some other popular services. Finally, it is interesting to know that energy consumption is meant lighter than Google Now. Result: greater autonomy.

    Nova Launcher: a classic timeless launchers for android tablets

    No need to remember, Nova Launcher is a reference in the middle! This is also one of the alternative launchers most used Android applications. Why according to you? First, this is explained by the fact that it offers a lot, but then a LOT of cool and practical functions. The second strong point, perhaps the best, is none other than its wide compatibility with mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - Android.

    Buzz Launcher particular, innovative and community!

    Community oriented, Buzz Launcher is what we might call an alternative launcher "participatory" applications. Between them, users can create and share themes at will through a dedicated portal. Take a look, it's worth a visit for a launcher that resembles no, but then NO other.

    Go Launcher EX: another classic to try

    Another classic in the field, Go Launcher EX dresses your smartphone thanks to its incredibly many free themes. It is now possible to use gestures like pinching the home screen to change the context menus that appear when long presses and modify widgets extensive way. The only downside to Go Launcher is installing applications freemium at first use.

    Action Launcher 3 is a drop down menu instead of drawer apps

    Action Launcher allows access to its either as drawer applications, but in a drop down menu which is accessed by sliding from left to right from the home screen. Another nice feature: you can group applications into folders while assigning them a blanket application (cover app), so that when a click on the directory, the application itself-is launched. During a long press while it is opened. The application is relatively young, it has a few months but has already attracted many users.

    Next Launcher for a while "3D"

    Next Launcher 3D Lite is renowned for its ability in 3D design. It is quite difficult to explain what makes Next in words, the ideal being to watch the video below. It's better than words. Next lets you navigate in 3D to access features of your Android, it is highly configurable and has many themes. Widgets and applications that accompany Next Launcher are in the same vein and ensure a consistent design for your system. Try it, we love it or hate it! The trial version is limited in time, you must then activate the final version.

    Catapult (Trebuchet): open source to the CyanogenMod sauce

    If a free alternative to Google Now Launcher interests you, I suggest you discover Catapult. In truth, it is nothing short of Fame version scope of Trebuchet. Yes, the famous launcher application that is available as CyanogenMod (the open source version) and CyanogenOS (the commercial version). From here, you understand that the left side drawer reserved for Google Now is simply not present. By cons, it has a lot of other personalization features that should satisfy the most demanding of you.

    Turning to the heart of the matter, the Catapult application does not aim to revolutionize your daily use experience, but he still deserves to improve. At first glance, one might think that this launcher is another exact replica of Google Now Launcher, but this is not the case. After having explored a little, do a long press on an empty space on the home screen. Following this Catapult reveals its personalization center in different pages that represent the home screens. Looking down, you come to three categories: Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings. By placing a finger on the three points and dragging it up, you will have access to the hidden treasure of this application launcher that are its options. For the rest, I let you discover all this as a great. Then it is as well to leave some mystery, right?

    Remember that you can also install Google Now Launcher, the launcher that has emerged with the release of Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. If you own a smartphone with an interface builder and want to enjoy pure user experience of Android, then you'll be delighted!

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